Renting with Carter + Co

We know that searching for a rental home can be stressful, particularly in the current active market.

Here are some tips to help with a seamless application process:

  • You can make your application online using the ‘apply now’ button, available on the listing itself either on our website, or through, or
  • Ensure you complete the form accurately, paying particular attention to ensuring your household income and residential history is correctly reflected. Ensure all relevant documentation is attached, including 100 points of ID and proof of income/savings/financial support. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
  • You must view the property before your application will be processed, however if you are unable to attend in person you are able to view most of our properties via video walkthrough. If a video walkthrough is not available on the listing you’re interested in, please email the property manager to request one. You can also have a representative physically inspect the property on your behalf.
  • If you see a property you like, apply as soon as possible. There is no cut off date for applications, however we will process completed applications as soon as they are received, so if you don’t apply you may miss out!
  • We process hundreds of rental references, applications and documents each month. To help your application stand out, we recommend completing the ‘about you’ section on the application. This can help to quickly summarise your circumstances, and gives us your personal perspective on why this property is suitable for you. We can then include this in our summary to the property owner, and this is often a strong point of difference.